Social Tourism

Sesc’s Social Tourism initiatives offer travel experiences in which participants are encouraged to come into contact with different social, cultural and environmental contexts. Inspired by the conviction that such experiences generate knowledge, these initiatives foster the development of physical and intellectual skills, sociability and citizenship, as well as interaction with others and the environment. The core guidelines behind these experiences are the democratization of access to tourism, the protagonism of participants, education for and about tourism and ethical and sustainable practices.

Participants can go on tours and take part in other activities led by qualified professionals, or different types of mediated sessions. Options include: day tours and lodging at Sesc Bertioga Holiday Center; half-day and one-day bus tours, the “Brasileiro que nem eu” (Brazilian Like Me) and “Ética no Turismo” (Ethics in Tourism) projects, and the “Outras Viagens” (Other Trips) program.